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KutttPech V0.4.1 (20-10-02)

SCALING!!! :) External frame viewing!!! VOLUME CONTROL!!! :) PLUS some bugfixes... What more do you want... :)

-- ok maybe peace and stuff :S --

EXAMPLE: http://kutttpech.math.leidenuniv.nl
Thanks Lennert for server software and server

YES, KutttPech can still play MPEG-1 movies as well, although it wasn't made for that purpose...

Star Wars trailer
With audio and external frame viewing...
Star Wars trailer
With audio and scaling...

The source:
Only the jar-file (just .class)

KutttPech 0.4.1 features:

MPEG-1 video decoder, that can decode perfect MPEG-1 streams as well as obscure stream-formats where you might have left out a few things... This means for instance it can begin in the middle of a LIVE stream and will start playing right after the first I-frame (whole picture) has been read...

P/B-frame cutting. It will cut P-frames and B-frames up till the next I-frame if the CPU of the computer is not up to the task. In that way the lag will stay constant...

Layer 1, 2 and 3(!) audio support. That means the player will detect which kind of audio your browser supports and will try to open the audio device. When succesfull (see TESTS) it will decode and play synchronized audio for different kinds of rates and types (mono/stereo and such).

It can also play files/urls if they are not LIVE and it can start playing before the whole file is downloaded. Although the player is not made for this purpose, it can be seen as a nice feature to brush up you web-page.

A scroll-bar feature. PLAY/PAUSE/STOP + slider. Very handy for playing files that you want to be able to view multiple times.

Stream-Switch which enables you to specify multiple streams with their speeds. If the server-side code then send a special code the player will switch between streams. (Use your imagination)

Connection tester. A small piece of code that will try to open a large file on the server and read as much as it can for a certain period. From this he will try to measure you connection speed and switch to the right connection speed... VERY HANDY when stream live...

Scaling and external window viewing. Pretty fast algorithm for scaling picture to the size of applet of external window... VERY cool...

A bunch of other features like volume control, debug tools and messaging systems to be controlled from the server-side... Just try it!!!


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